3 Easy Ways to Dry Flowers for Decor

I’ve always been a flower girl. Whether it’s flowers for celebrating a special occasion or for designing a beautiful centerpiece, flowers always add a warm feeling to your home. And while I love fresh flowers as much as the next person, one of my favorite ways to use flowers in my decoration is by using dried flowers.

French Antique furniture with dried flowers

Dried flowers truly give a room personality and can add a vintage charm to your decor that can last for years. They are also low maintenance and easy to DIY. From hanging them up to dry naturally to speeding up the process with a few modern tricks, if you’re looking to dry your own flowers, here are three easy ways to dry flowers for decorating from the comfort of your home.

1. Air drying

Air drying is the easiest and most common method of drying flowers. All you have to do for this is to remove excess leaves if desired, tie your flowers together at the stem and hang them upside down in a dry, ventilated area away from direct sunlight. You might remember when I first started drying them on that old orchard ladder in the cottage- they can also be dried in places like a closet using the hangers to hold them.

drying flowers on a ladder

While this method is the easiest and doesn’t require much attention, this process does take the longest and can take three to four weeks to dry your flowers completely. This method also allows you to keep the stem intact, while some of the other methods may require the removal of the stem. This is something to keep in mind depending on how you plan to use the flowers in your decoration. Once your flowers are completely dried, they can be used as centerpieces, in floral crafts, or in whatever you choose.

wreath with dry flowers

2. Baking

The next method for drying your flowers is to bake them. Baking your flowers is one of the quickest methods for drying them, but it may not be the best for preserving the quality of your flowers, as this can fade the color and cause the petals to fall off in the process. All you need to do for this is remove the stems of your flowers, get a cookie sheet, and spread it evenly across it. You will then bake your flowers at around 200°F for up to two hours.

bunch of dried flowers

Tip: You may want to use the same type of flower in each drying session, as baking multiple types of flowers can cause burning and breakage since all flowers dry at different rates. Be sure to check them often to avoid any damage to them.

Once they are dry, allow them plenty of time to cool, and then they are ready for decorating.

dry flowers

3. Drying in a desiccant

Another common method for drying your flowers is to place them in a bowl of a desiccant and allow them to sit. This method is a popular choice because it can help preserve the color and quality of your flowers more than baking does.

For this, all you have to do is get a bowl of a desiccant, carefully cover your flowers with it, and allow it to sit. Much like the air-drying method, this process could take several weeks until it is complete and will require observation and patience. Once the flowers are dry, carefully remove them from the drying agent, and they should be ready to go.

dried flower garland on tent

Overall, drying your flowers can be a fun way to get crafty in your décor. Whether you prefer to hang them up and let them dry naturally or use a drying agent to speed up the process, dried flowers are a unique way to add a vintage touch to any space and create something truly timeless.

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Stay tuned for more on unique ways to use dried flowers in decorating and how to make garlands and small wreaths using them.