5 Simple & Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just a few days away and is a perfect time to show the moms, grandma’s, aunt’s, cousins, special friends and mom-figures in our lives just how much they mean to you. And the perfect gift is a thoughtful gift.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a great time for giving a special gift from the heart. That can be something like enjoying lunch together, doing some gardening or chores for her or surprising her with a Sunday dinner. For those who have family out of state- a group FaceTime chat could be fun.

Some of my favorite treasures from the kids are the handmade ones that they would bring home from an art class like this little bowl. Or one that they would create on the sneak while in their room. It doesn’t have to be something store bought – a thoughtful gift or gift of your time spent with her can be perfect and is sure to make her smile.

If you are looking for a simple and sweet handmade gift – we are sharing 5 ideas that you can easily customize and put together for a special gift.

Bath salts

Bath salts are a simple way to gift your mom a spa-day treatment every day. Whether you choose to make your own from scratch with her favorite essential oils or simply pour some of her favorite Epsom salts in a jar and add a ribbon and some flower petals to it, bath salts are the perfect lavish gift to give your mom to remind you her to unwind, treat herself, and relax.

GIFT IDEA: Pick up a bag of your favorite bath salts and a large mason jar. Fill the mason jar with the salt and add a ribbon and personalized label for a custom gift.


Candles are another good way to add a bit of relaxation to your mom’s routine this Mother’s Day. Whether you make them from scratch or simply add your own personal touch to a store-bought one – candles are great for reducing stress and creating a warm, cozy ambiance in the home that is perfect for nurturing the soul.

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GIFT IDEA: If you are handy with crafts and familiar with making candles- you can make a few custom scents or simply adorn a store bought favorite candle with some twine and a sprig of greenery.

A mug floral arrangement

A mug floral arrangement is a unique way to gift your mom a mug as well as a beautiful bouquet. Shop for the perfect mug with sweet or inspirational quotes on the front, then buy or gather some of her favorite flowers. Tie it with a ribbon and pair it with a card or some of her favorite chocolates, and you’ve put together a beautiful self-care package that your mom is sure to love and appreciate.

GIFT IDEA: Clip flowers from the garden, gather wildflowers or pick up a bouquet at the local market and create a charming bouquet in a special mug.

A photo album or scrapbook

Personalized gifts always have a way of finding a special place in our hearts, so a photo album or scrapbook full of your favorite memories with her and the family will surely put a smile on her face this Mother’s Day. Sweet and one of a kind, just like her, this is a gift that any mother will cherish and look back on for years to come.

GIFT IDEA: Aside from the fun way you choose to organize and customize the album to fit her, you might also take some time to jot down some words of gratitude on each page to remind her how much you love, appreciate, and cherish her.

Potpourri sachets

Lastly, a potpourri sachet is a great gift idea for moms who love keeping a fresh home. The best part about potpourri is that it’s easy to make yourself with just a sachet, some dried flower petals, herbs, and essential oils. Perfect for someone who loves soothing aromas and fresh floral scents, you can’t go wrong with some homemade potpourri to keep your mom smiling.

GIFT IDEA: Fill a small flower fabric bag with ready made potpourri or make your own with dried flower petals, dried herbs or dried oranges, etc. Add a special ribbon bow and card for a unique custom gift.

Overall, Mother’s Day is a great time to give your mom the extra pampering she deserves. Whether you craft a gift from scratch or add a personal touch to one from the store, simple, thoughtful gifts are a great way to show how much you love and appreciate her and are sure to be cherished for many years to come.

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