7 Simple Spring Decor Ideas

dried flowers on bench

From potted plants to dried flowers to a pop of pretty color- today it’s all about simple inexpensive ways to decorate for spring.

Inexpensive Spring Decor

Throw Pillows

One of the easiest ways to update your living room or bedroom spaces without breaking the bank is to update your throw pillows. Rather than bringing in all new pillows- think simple and bring in pillow covers. A secret – the layer that covers right over the other covers you have to save on storing them also. No one will know but you!

velvet pillows stacked

Faux Arrangements

spring Flowers on building

While I absolutely love fresh flowers in a room – they do need to be replaced weekly and so, if you are looking for something that will last – realistic faux works beautifully. They cost a bit more at the front end but being able to be on repeat makes them a cost effective way to decorate.

faux spring flowers

Dry Arrangement

Another favorite look is to use dried flowers and grasses. One of my all time favorite gathering arrangements was a fall arrangement that was simply dried foliage. For spring- think dried flowers with foliage. Roses, strawflower, lavender, eucalyptus etc. are all beautiful when dried and make a stunning arrangement that you can create and forget about.

dried foliage


Simple and quick – hang a wreath on a door, wall, cupboard, peg shelf or anywhere you want to bring in a touch of spring in a snap.

spring wreaths

Gathered Bottles & books

This is one of my go-to spring and summer looks- pairing collected bottles with vintage books. I love them on the mantle, on a sideboard or even on the nightstand. They are a simple and charming way to decorate little bits rather than big.

flowers on the mantle

Thrifted Ironstone

You know those cupboard shelves and open cabinets get a little love in every season. One of the easiest ways to create a backdrop for those seasonal decor changes is to use ironstone. White dishes in all shapes and sizes create a simple neutral look- for spring think flowers and mossy elements like branches and rocks. Simply tuck them in here and there – or leave the ironstone display unadorned. Always beautiful as is as well.

spring dining room

Potted Plants

Because, fresh potted plants are always pretty and bring a touch of nature to your home. Think ferns or herbs or succulents if that’s your favorite look. 6 packs of spring flowers are another pretty look – gather them in pots and place on a table for a centerpiece. I also love to bring in those olive trees and bushes for a garden room feeling.

spring decor

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