Cadbury’s mini egg fudge recipe – the super quick version

April 14, 2023

Oh fudges! Isn’t it fab. A sweet treat that you can dip into when the littles aren’t looking hehe! We love making it, and have tried out lots of different slow cooker versions of it. But… the other day I came across a recipe that takes about 15 mins in the saucepan, and overnight to set.


What?! I know right. Can this really be true? *I hear you say. We honestly didn’t believe it either. So… decided to give it a go ourselves, with a few teeny tweaks. And yes – it actually works!


We gave it a go on Easter weekend and themed it by making a Cadbury’s mini egg fudge version of the recipe, much to the little’s delight. If you want to give it a try, don’t forget that you can substitute the mini eggs for a different topping, as well as use different chocolate too. Here’s our Cadbury’s mini egg fudge recipe – the super quick version. We hope you enjoy it!

Cadbury’s mini egg fudge recipe

You will need:

  • 400g white chocolate (we used Tesco’s own brand)
  • Tin of condensed milk
  • About eight squares milk chocolate (we used Cadbury’s)
  • A tube of Cadbury’s mini eggs (crushed a little bit with a rolling pin)


  • A saucepan
  • A spoon to stir
  • A baking paper lined dish to set and store the fudge in (using a baking paper lined dish makes it easier to pop the set fudge out)

Step 1

Pop the white chocolate and condensed milk into a saucepan on low heat. Stir until fully melted.

Step 2

Add the milk chocolate squares. Once they’ve mostly melted, swirl into the already melted mix. *The idea is to create swirly, almost melted milk chocolate ripples, through the white chocolate.

Step 3

Pour into a baking paper lined dish and top with mini eggs. *Press the mini eggs down so they sit nicely in the fudge, rather than balancing on top of it.

Cadbury's mini egg fudge recipe

Step 4

Pop into the fridge overnight. And…. Cistern!!! Enjoy, share and give away at will.

*This makes a smooth, soft fudge.

It really is that easy! Sorry I didn’t take any more photos. I usually do a step by step in photos, but *aherm – whispers… I didn’t think it would actually work. I’m sure we will make some more, in a different theme, and when I do, I’ll add in the steps visually ?

What flavor of fudge do you like?

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Cadbury's mini egg fudge recipe

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