Creating a Garden Potting Bench

It is that time of year when all things garden are in full swing. And over here, the greenhouse is bustling with potting and planting. Though we have a dedicated space for planting -you don’t need a greenhouse or potting shed to have a charming place to play and garden. Adding a potting bench or potting table area in your yard is perfect and will bring all kinds of garden fun all summer long.

Vintage Terra Cotta

Potting Benches

Such a lovely little place to play and enjoy -gardens bring so much beauty and contentment. There is something about growing your own food or flowers to clip and enjoy. Watching the seeds grow tall, the garden beds fill in and the flowers bud and bloom beautiful. Gardening also brings a whole lot of ‘zen’ kind of feelings where you can lose yourself in the busy and creative garden work and bring your stress levels down and rejuvenate. So adding a place to create beautiful pots of flowers -whether big or small- can be such a good thing.

Currently, we have a couple of places where I like to play and plant those pots. The potting shed is a lovely little spot (see more HERE ) We are currently repairing roof damage in here after several tree branches fell onto it- we now have a skylight. ha ha. So I am contemplating a bit of a makeover out there while sharing some older photos.

The first tip for creating a potting bench? You can use a potting bench with a simple table. This is a farmhouse style table that works perfectly and fits the potting shed well.

Small or large benches

A long skinny table works wonders as a potting bench when tucked up near the side of the house or fence. If you have a gardening area already- a smaller chubbier table will fit standing alone in the garden. There is not a standard shape or size potting table so go with what works best for your space.

When looking at where you can add a potting table to your home or yard- think about the where, the size and the space you have available and choose a table or bench accordingly.

This table is simply tucked into the greenhouse garden. It has a shelf to store pots underneath and the size is not too big to wander around while offering plenty of potting space. More about where to find these vintage style terra cottage pots HERE.

Greenhouse Table

You already know that I am a big garden kind of girl – and wandering through the flower bed and filling a basket with clipped flowers to bring inside is a favorite thing. A small vintage table is perfect in the greenhouse for potting and playing- or for cleaning off and enjoying a little spot for coffee.

This is the same table that was outside in the garden- just moved inside the greenhouse for this styling for my book Inspired Gatherings.

Tip: Think outside- and outside the box.

You don’t need a structure or formal place to create a potting bench. Place the table inside an old garden shed to create a potting shed or into the garage for a potting corner.

Tuck a farm table up against the fence and add shelves above and pots below.

Place a small table in the center of the garden- you can go with something vintage or something newly built.

Potting Bench Ideas

There are some beautiful potting benches and tables and other gardening things at great prices right now – sharing a few below. (affiliates)