French Cottage Garden- Lavender Topiaries

Pretty in purple… Lavender topiaries are little delightful moments wherever you place them. Of course, lavender is beautiful in the garden. Planted in an English or French cottage garden floral bed or tucked into an urn -those lovely lavender blooms are a lovely touch. And bringing them indoors- they bring a garden moment inside. Today it is all about these fan favorite lavender topiaries, where to find them and a couple of ideas for enjoying them.

Lavender Toparies

It seems to happen every year now and I am always asked about the lavender topiaries and where to get them. It starts out innocent enough with a shopping trip to pick up some new additions for the garden and we bump into topiaries and end up bringing several of them home. This year, it was 5 of them. I know. I know. But- aside from enjoying in the garden and in the house, they are also for something special that is called for several heights and sizes. And so, 5 was the number. While we have English, French and Spanish varieties planted in the garden- most often I find the Spanish most available in topiary form in our area. But of course, I think any and all are beautiful and if you are like me and you are so inclined to bring some of these beauties home with you – this post is for you.

Buckets of Blooms

A favorite thing: Vintage buckets filled with flowers- and if those flowers are topiaries- even better. This is a simple, easy way to enjoy them indoors for a bit.

Something to note is that if using a bucket to pot them in for long periods (rather than a special occasion dinner for example) you will need to punch some holes through the pot for drainage and of course, water them outdoors and let them soak up the sun each time. I usually just bring them indoors for a bit and then they go back out to the garden where they thrive.

I placed two of these in vintage buckets and set them on the table in the dining room. With the blue transferware- I am pretty obsessed with the mingle.

Garden Table Centerpiece

Of course, enjoying these in the garden doesn’t always mean planting them in the garden- those little buckets of blooms are also perfect for a centerpiece on the table. This is another easy way to enjoy those potted blooms and create a dreamy setting in the garden for a gathering.

Our garden is currently not blooming- those are all potted plants just waiting to be planted in the beds behind the table. I am excited to get things looking fresh and pretty here again soon.

Tip: Shop the clearance section at Lowe’s for plants that have been returned, are not looking their best for whatever reason or are just more seasonal. We picked up most of these pots at 50% off. The daisies are hanging baskets that will be planted in the ground.

I set the table simply- a blue floral cloth, ticking striped napkins and vintage place setting elements for a simple soiree.

Where to find Lavender Topiaries

We picked these up at The Home Depot last week – you can check your local stores to see if they stock them. They are also often available at Costco or of course, any garden center might have them. You can of course also grow them and create topiary forms and there are also some beautiful faux versions that you can use as well.

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