Home improvements to avoid when adding property value, according to estate agents

3. Installing a new kitchen

Most think that putting in a brand spanking new kitchen with state of the art fixtures and fittings must be a no-brainer when wanting to up the property value, but according to the estate agents, this is not the case.

They said: “While it’s certainly true that everyone loves a beautiful kitchen, not everyone agrees on what constitutes beautiful. It’s also very unlikely that your buyer will want the same appliances that you do, even if they are the bee’s knees in your mind.

“So, while it may be tempting to overhaul your kitchen prior to putting your home on the market, we’d always advise against it, even if you really are in desperate need of renovation. We’ve lost count of the amount of brand new kitchens we’ve seen in skips just weeks after the new owners have moved in. Don’t waste your money.”

4. Redoing the bathroom

Similar to putting in a brand new kitchen, spending a lot of money on upgrading your bathroom just prior to going to market isn’t the best idea in the world. Just like the kitchens, bathrooms can often be loved and loathed in equal measure. Some will want brilliant white, others blue, while the next will want deep, dark tones – it’s guesswork as to what your prospective purchasers will want.

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