I bought a tiny home for $15,000 – the breakdown of my affordable renovation costs

ONE couple from Texas has shared the full costs of their tiny home renovations after purchasing a second-hand shell for $15,000.

More and more Americans are turning to tiny houses as a way to save money while still achieving home ownership.

Brylee and Wyatt share their tiny home lifestyle on TikTok


Brylee and Wyatt share their tiny home lifestyle on TikTokCredit: TikTok/bryleebatie
It all began when they purchased a used shell for $15,000


It all began when they purchased a used shell for $15,000Credit: TikTok/bryleebatie

While places like Amazon and The Home Depot are selling tiny homes for as little as $3,500, it can be hard to understand the true cost of turning these shells into a fully livable home.

Brylee is a 20-year-old from Texas who decided to live the tiny house dream with her husband Wyatt.

She has been sharing their journey on her TikTok page (@bryleebatie) and talked fans through the true cost of their 432 square-feet home in a recent video.

First, they purchased the shell used from a family friend for $15,000, and it cost another $1,000 to get it delivered.

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The electric and plumbing costs approximately $4,000.

Further jobs including framing and finishing the ceiling with drywall, tape, primer, and paint came up to $1,650.

This couple was able to save some money on these steps as Wyatt did a lot of work himself.

Hardwood flooring costs another $800 from Floor and Decor.

Brylee and Wyatt got their kitchen cabinets and countertops for free, leaving $400 to finish off that space.

The bathroom and laundry room cost another $845 in total after they got a toilet and stackable washer/dryer given to them for free.

All in all, the couple spent $23,695 before adding furniture, home decor, and the remaining appliances.

They were also able to keep costs down because they put the tiny house on land belonging to Brylee’s parents.

Brylee and Wyatt worked on their home slowly, making improvements with every pay check.

“We did what we could afford each time we got paid because we didn’t want debt!” she told a fan in the comments section of her video.


While most Americans dream of owning a large family home with a white picket fence, there’s a new generation of homeowners who are turning their backs on that idea.

One such person is YouTuber David Rule, who built a 150 square feet house on an old trailer bed for $8,000.

Despite having zero construction experience, building a tiny home is the ultimate way for this digital nomad to live a happy, minimalist life.

“I was able to turn my dream into a reality and become a home owner,” said David.

“Even if that home is only about 150 square feet, it still counts.”

People like Brylee and Wyatt and David might still be in the minority, but the tiny home lifestyle is becoming less and less unusual.

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