New picture books from Owlet Press

March 24, 2023

When it comes to new picture books to look out for, hands down Owlet Press has it covered. From all the cuteness, to stories that empower and encourage little ones, it’s there. And of course they are going to be packaged beautifully by some of the most fantastic and current illustrators. Yay! *Did you know that Davide Ortu who illustrated the Owlet Press The Tooth Fairy series was also THE illustrator for Carrie Hope Fletcher’s Double Trouble Society *mind blown! So anyway, this is what you have to look forward to!

Owlet Press Finding Floss

Finding Floss: The colour-changing Cockapoo

By Cara Matheson and Mirna Imamovic

Just look at that cuteness right there! Anything with rainbows and dogs together is a #win right? Finding Floss has very recently been released. It’s a lovely rhyming story that follows a color changing cockapoo’s adventures on a trip to the fair.

When your pet can change color, finding them is no easy job, but what happens when it’s their owner who needs finding?

Floss, the colour-changing cockapoo, is the perfect fit for her beautifully blended family. Floss finds mischief at every turn, but when things go wrong, she uses her skills to save the day! Includes advice on what to do if you get lost and how to stay safe.”

Finding Floss is available directly from Owlet Press and good bookstores.

My mummy is a witch Owlet Press

My Mummy is a Witch

By Helena Garcia and Jess Rose

My Mummy is a Witch is COMING SOON in April! Doesn’t look stunning.

“A spellbinding rhyming story that brings to life the precious moments between a mother and daughter, with a sprinkle of magic and a supernatural twist.

The magical moments between a mother and her daughter are some of the most treasured memories to make. But what if your mummy happens to be a witch? This wonderfully witchy story is a cauldron of utterly charming ingredients told through the eyes of a little witchling. From dandelion ice-scream to pumpkin perfume and cauldron baths, and best of all a mummy who can wake up the sun and make the stars shine.”

My Mummy is a Witch is available to pre order directly from Owlet Press.

Rory's Room of Rectangles Owlet Press

Rory’s Room of Rectangles

By Ian Eagleton and Jessica Knight

Rory’s Room of Rectangles is COMING SOON in May! Just in time for a Father’s Day treat. Written by Ian Eagleton, writer of Nen and the Fisherman… so we know this is going to be a treat.

“Rory loves his dad, but he also really likes his step-dad, Tony. He has weekends with Dad in the park and makes imaginary dens with Tony, so when Father’s Day comes, who should he make his card for at school? Spotting his frustration, Tony spends his ‘rainy-day pennies’ to take Rory somewhere new – an ART GALLERY, full of wonders. As they pause to reflect in a huge room of rectangles, Rory sees his conflicting feelings glistening back at him in many powerful colors. Afterwards, a ‘chance’ encounter with Dad, under a red sky, helps Rory realize that he doesn’t have to feel torn at all.”

Rory’s Room of Rectangles is available to pre-order from Owlet Press for a special price of £5.00 *at the time of this post being published.

Cinder and Ella Owlet Press

Cinder & Ella

By Barbara Slade and Lucia Soto

Cinder & Ella are COMING SOON in June! Wow. Look at that cover. It looks like a classic already.


This inspiring LGBT love story truly celebrates feminism, strength and justice.

While Cinder dreams of a girl with eyes the color of the sea, Princess Ella longs for something she cannot yet imagine. When the two girls meet, their hearts are filled with joy, but what will happen when the clock strikes midnight?

With one family being a source of encouragement, the other is determined to crush all attempts at happiness, the odds are firmly stacked against our heroes. Yet with the power of love and strength, hope prevails. The result is a richly purposeful and inspirational tale where girl meets girl and love faces adversity. Will Cinder and Ella find their happily ever after?”

Cinder & Ella is available to pre-order directly from Owlet Press for a special price of £5.00 *at the time of this post being published.

Which new Owlet Press picture book tickles your fancy?

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New picture books from Owlet Press