Pamela Anderson Responds To Tim Allen Denying Flashing Her On ‘Home Improvement’ Set: ‘How Could You Make That Up?’

By Emerson Pearson.

Pamela Anderson is standing by her story.

The actress recently sat down with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman, and shared why she thinks Tim Allen has denied her allegations that he flashed her on the set of “Home Improvement”.

Hoffman highlighted the importance of Pamela’s story given the #MeToo movement and how “a lot of women are still afraid to come forward to tell their stories” because “they feel that they won’t be believed.”

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Anderson retold the now infamous story to Hoffman:

“It was the first day of filming, and I was in my dressing room and I came out, and then he came out of his dressing room and he had this robe on, and he went (mimics opening robe),” she said. “And then he closes it and he goes, ‘Now we’re even — I’ve seen you naked, you’ve seen me naked. Now we can start the show.’ How could you make that up?”

Anderson added that after the incident, Allen “ran back into his room and he was embarrassed all day and acted like a little giddy schoolboy.”

The actress explained that she thinks Allen denied the factuality of the story because of today’s societal conversations around consent.

“He has to deny it because look at the times we’re in. If he said, ‘Oh yeah, I did that…’ he’d be — a lot of these stories are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Anderson.

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“I only talked about really pivotal moments to try to get across that some of these things had happened, you know, in my childhood, my career. And I kind of wanted to sprinkle in some of these things. I mean, not all. Obviously, I didn’t tell every story in my life, or I’d be writing volumes,” continued Anderson.

“It was because it was my first job, ‘Home Improvement’, that I felt that was important to say.”

Anderson also touched on Britney Spears’ showing support for her memoir on social media, to which the “Baywatch” star explained that she wrote her a letter back.

“Hopefully she’s received it by now, just a private letter. I feel like… its hard when the people closest to you betray you or use you and you’re a money maker…. it’s painful.”

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