Pamela Anderson Shares Her Take On Her Famous Breast Implants: ‘My Boobs Had A Career And I Was Just Tagging Along’

Through the release of her recent memoirs and documentaries, actor Pamela Anderson has shared notable stories throughout her life and career. Addressing her life in the spotlight, the Baywatch legend is hitting all of the points that you would expect, as well as some that you might not. When it comes to the subject of her famous breast implants, Anderson’s feelings on the matter have evolved over time. Partially through her new documentary Pamela, a love storyshe’s reexamined the attention they’ve gotten and how she handled the issue in the past.

In the recently debuted Netflix (opens in new tab) original, the media’s obsession with talking about her body comes up pretty early on. With a mixture of candor and humor, Pamela Anderson approaches what is one of the most significant issues that’s followed her through for decades. As she starts to tell that story, she admits that in the beginning, honesty is the only policy she knew to follow:

I always said my boobs had a career and I was just tagging along. … I didn’t know to lie or withhold anything in interviews. So when people would ask me if I had surgery or anything like that, then I’d just answer. And so that just kind of sets the ball rolling.