Sunlight lofts review – choosing a loft company to build your loft conversion

January 15, 2023

Choosing a loft company to build your loft conversion is a big deal. I mean, a really, really BIG deal. It was probably the most nail-biting moment for me of the whole process, following our fair share of ekkk moments with building works in the past – remember when our floor dropped upstairs? It wasn’t a pretty sight, that’s for sure! So, choosing a loft company was the biggest leap of faith. Here’s how we chose Sunlight lofts to build our loft conversion – which was most definitely the best decision we made!

Sunlight lofts review – choosing a loft company to build your loft conversion

Choosing a loft company

Whether you’ve had an architect design your loft, or not, you are going to need a loft conversion company or builders to actually build it. Silly me!!! For a split moment, I thought the architect had one up his sleeve *doh!

In our case, as we needed to go via an architect, they did have a list of recommended loft conversion companies and builders to hand for us to take away as a first point of contact.

However, this was not our first point of contact. Instead, the very first place we headed to was our local area Facebook pages. These were rife with chatting neighbors and local parents, both asking questions about loft builds and also sharing their experiences of having their own ones built. Never underestimate a word of mouth recommendation – these are like gold dust. 3 loft conversion companies (not general building companies) stuck out for all the best reasons. And, included in the 3 were Sunlight lofts.

Look at the bigger picture

Word of mouth was a fantastic starting point but looking at the bigger picture was also important to us. We checked out the different loft companies’ websites, social media platforms (yes, the 100 page views might have been me hehe!), specifically looking at their most recent projects, comments and reviews about them. And, again, we chatted to everyone and anyone about loft conversions and their experiences. The same 3 companies stuck out like a beacon, but particularly Sunlight lofts for being professional, friendly, trustworthy and reliable.

I love Sunlight lofts web presence and how they show projects at different stages, just like this one:

Being able to see that a loft company is actively working, and that they are open and honest about the process is a big tick for me. #winning

Don’t forget to look up!

Ok, so this is such a dinky tip, but I still think it’s worth remembering. Walk around your area and look up. Most loft conversion companies will have a banner on the scaffolding whilst a loft conversion is being done. Have a look and make a note of the company name. Did you get a good feel from their builders, or a negative one? Also, if the same loft company keeps popping up around your area, chances are, they are great.

Loft quotes in

Once we got to the quote stage, getting our loft conversion done felt very real. I must have blurted out at least 5 times, why don’t we not do this. Because, a loft conversion is a big project. Mistakes would be epic compared to the minor ones we’d seen happen. I mean, this is building a whole new floor to a house. However, this was going to be done, so we picked our favorite 5 loft companies (based on the above) and got 3 in for a quote.

Choosing Sunlight lofts

As it happened, the little one wasn’t very well when Sunlight lofts came in to give us their quote and I was needed elsewhere. So, this is my hubby’s account of his experience with them.

“As soon as I meet Paul from Sunlight lofts it felt right. He was clear, professional and didn’t force his own ideas onto us of how the loft should be. Instead, he looked at our plans, gave heaps of options to choose from, and took a lot of time to go through the processes of what to expect. He was very happy to answer questions (I had loads!), and his experience really came through. I mean, this wasn’t just a salesman, this was someone who knew and had worked in the trade, which put me at ease instantly.”

I could tell it was a good meeting by hubby’s face afterwards! The quote was solid. Paul was more than happy to answer even more questions by phone or email whenever needed. And, everything that we had heard about Sunlight lofts through word of mouth came out through Paul. Genuine, experienced, and wanting to do the best job possible for a customer.

And that was the start of us loft conversion!

Sunlight lofts review – choosing a loft company to build your loft conversion

Top tips for take away

  • Join your local areas Facebook group (parent ones are even better!).
  • Word of mouth recommendations are like gold dust, but don’t forget to also listen to the negative ones.
  • When meeting with a loft company, don’t underestimate how important it is to feel comfortable with them. If they made you feel rushed, or that they were too busy for you during the quote, they would really be a good fit for you. #no
  • Some companies prefer to give quotes remotely. They might be spot on, but… would you really give a project as big as a loft to a company that you’ve never met before. maybe not.
  • If you have questions, make sure you ask them. No question should be too silly.
  • Don’t be afraid to go with your gut feeling, you are probably right.

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Sunlight lofts review – choosing a loft company to build your loft conversion

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