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7 Bathroom Remodel Tips for a Beautiful Room

Oh bathrooms and remodeling projects. They are a fun aren’t they? Right up there with kitchen remodels. The bathrooms and kitchens are rooms that are used daily several times and so, when you are remodeling those spaces, it really impacts

The Easiest Fresh Guacamole Recipe

Did I just hear that magic word… ‘fresh guacamole’? I mean, I’m always up for some chips and guacamole. And salsa. And baked burritos or a taco salad. Okay- I am always up for delicious Mexican food. You too? Then

jeanne mckay watercolors and a giveaway

Since the beginning of my blogging days, I’ve been fortunate to meet and make friends with some very talented and generous people. I was lucky to start blogging at a time when readers could sign up to follow their preferred

French Cottage Garden- Lavender Topiaries

Pretty in purple… Lavender topiaries are little delightful moments wherever you place them. Of course, lavender is beautiful in the garden. Planted in an English or French cottage garden floral bed or tucked into an urn -those lovely lavender blooms

Spring Basket Decor- 5 Ways

Spring Basket Decor

A pretty little basket filled with flowers and foliage has a ton of charm and is a lovely touch for spring. I grabbed this French Market Basket and played a bit with ideas for where to enjoy