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making time to get creative

Life can get pretty hectic, we all know that. Our daily routine can easily suck us into a spiral where we try to get too much done. I know from experience that when the routine gets too intense, and I

Does Team Leave Tool Time?

in 1991, Tim Allen had yet to become the household name behind the voice of Toy Story‘s Buzz Lightyear or Saint Nick himself in The Santa Clause. Then he was a standup comedian who had worked his way

jeanne mckay watercolors and a giveaway

Since the beginning of my blogging days, I’ve been fortunate to meet and make friends with some very talented and generous people. I was lucky to start blogging at a time when readers could sign up to follow their preferred

7 Best Home Improvement Shows to Watch on Netflix

If you’re looking for something on Netflix to binge-watch (after you’ve finished Bridgerton and everything Bridgerton-adjacent, of course), now’s the perfect time to consider our favorite home design shows. From room makeover challenges to organization transformations, these shows inspire us

French Cottage Garden- Lavender Topiaries

Pretty in purpleā€¦ Lavender topiaries are little delightful moments wherever you place them. Of course, lavender is beautiful in the garden. Planted in an English or French cottage garden floral bed or tucked into an urn -those lovely lavender blooms