The Best Vintage Style Terra Cotta Pots

Can little terracotta pots and planters filled with blooming beauties bring joy?

I say yes. And according to the many of you who asked about the pots I shared yesterday – it seems you agree too. So today it is all about some of the best vintage style pots and planters.

Terra Cotta Pots & Planters

Something funny- every time I type ‘terra cotta’ it changes it to ‘terra cottages‘. Which I guess is kind of okay since these little vintage style terra cotta ( or terracotta depending on what you like) garden pots are perfect for cottage style. Cottage style gardens are the dreamiest. Lots of beautiful mixes and mingles with flowers, old gardening tools and structures full of charming patina and of course, an abundance of blooms and potted plants. We are not so patiently waiting for the garden to grow in and start to bloom this year. But in the stores, there are all kinds of pretty plants popping up. As I mentioned in the weekend view-my husband potted these ranunculus for me and brought them in for a simple and sweet centerpiece on the table. When I shared- I got a ton of questions about where to get these vintage style pots.

I found these at a local nursery – they had a ton of them last year and we bought up a bunch of them. Large and small pots and shallow planters which also serve as an oversized saucer – delightful! We just stopped in again last week to see if they had any others and found a few large saucers but no pots available yet.

But, when I started doing a little shopping for them online, I was excited to find so many great options to get the look.

While I often use the Re-Store or other thrifts, sometimes you don’t find any pots that are talking to you. And the perfect fit ones are not all that common to bump into. So, a good reproduction is a good thing. I set out to find some good options in all shapes and sizes to get the look we all love.

Get the Look

There are soo many charming vintage style pots and planters out there- and these are some of the cutest ones I found while shopping. *affiliate links

Stay tuned for another favorite way to get the vintage terra cotta look we love. Happy Monday everyone!