Vintage French Floral Painted Beds

Vintage French Floral Beds

A pair of darling beds in original delicious vintage green, covered in curves and delightful hand painted florals…I think obsessed might be the only way to sum them up.

close up of vintage French beds

The Story

I often redesign a room or space for a special project to change things up a bit & so am always on the lookout for unique pieces that speak to me. I am working on a special design that is much different in look and feel that is currently in the attic- and the vintage is more saturated color and details of these beds is perfect. And this time- there is a story to go along with these beds.

I was shopping on marketplace in a ‘French vintage’ search and saw a sale tag that shared several photos of different things available. One of the photos that caught my eye had a pair of beautiful twin beds. The sale was probably over 2 hours away and so I didn’t know if I would have time to get there before it was wrapped up but I messaged the seller and they told me I could come see them another time if they didn’t sell. Long story short- the beds sold and so, I kept my eye out for something different.

close up of flowers

A few weeks ago, I bumped into a listing and a photo of a pair of vintage green beds that looked so much like the first listing. I messaged the seller and then the power went out and that crazy winter storm moved in along with all the issues it brought. The seller was about an hour and a half away and we tried to coordinate taking a look at them several times but it was hit or miss on what worked with the chaos of dealing with the storm. And when we started to have some breathing room in our schedule- the seller went out of town. The craziest thing? They are the same beds that I saw in the first listing. The seller had purchased them several months ago when they were at the tag sale and then decided to go in a different direction. I take that as a sign that they were indeed meant to be for this design.

All in the details

They say it is all in the details- and that is absolutely true with these beds too. Dainty hand painted flowers, arched headboard, carved posts and that delicious shade of vintage green. Note the green is photographing a tad brighter than it is in person- probably due to the wintry weather outside again this week.

vintage French beds

I have been drawn to vintage pieces covered in flowers -but I wasn’t originally planning on going in a ‘green’ direction in the attic. Usually, I’m all about flowers and French blues—but here we are. And I love it.

The flowers in the basket on the headboard- I mean, I am in love.

And the floral painting and carvings on the footboard- so pretty too. (pardon the rain drops – we brought these inside to wipe them down and clean up during the rain – I got a little ahead of myself and just started taking photos 1st. )

close up of details on French bed


One of the things I love about this is the arched headboard.

French beds with flowers

Design and details: These are twin size French Louis style beds, maybe 1920’s – 1940’s from what I can tell on the hardware and are wearing their original paint including the floral motif. They were $300 for the pair.


One of my favorite things about designing spaces is to switch things up with new to me antiques. So I am excited to play with the design of the room incorporating vintage green. What do you think of these vintage beds- are you feeling the vintage green?

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