Vintage Inspired Floral Art – French Country Cottage

It is all about flowers today for Floral Friday- and we are talking about vintage inspired floral art- paintings, prints and reproduction artwork to create beauty with flowers all year long.

Vintage Inspired Floral Art

A favorite for layering on a shelf, placing in a display on a wall or adding anywhere you want a little bit of French country charm- vintage floral art is always a pretty way to bring the beauty of blooms into the house all year long.

I have collected old paintings and art at thrift stores and flea markets for years. I have several old oil paintings like the one in the photo above and some that are older prints. The thrill of the treasure hunt is part of the fun – discovering an old painting tucked behind another random artwork is always thrilling. Though I am also always on the lookout for vintage inspired art to tuck into the decor too. A good reproduction or print is just as lovely – especially when it is in the right size and shape for your space.

Vintage Art Costs

Vintage paintings and artwork can be expensive – they are often original works of art and are not pieces that you will find everywhere. Current pieces I have bumped into on Etsy or Ebay are starting in the hundreds of dollars each depending on size and condition. Older lithographs or prints are priced less but not inexpensive by far. Which makes vintage reproductions attractive price wise- they are far less expensive.

I have a couple of the pieces below in my cart currently – will let you know what I think of them when they arrive and where they land. Happy floral Friday everyone!

Get the Look

Sharing a few recent reproduction finds if you are looking to add some floral art to your home too. *affiliate links